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Listen To Duval Speck original songs and demo cover songs

These recordings are for the duo "Duval Speck", to hear their dance band "The Essentials" please go to

Album: " Greeneye Blueeye " - 12 original songs by Duval Speck

Separate samples limited to the first two minutes of each track:

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Individual Samples by 'Track number, Song Title, (Composer)':

1. White Dog (Duval & Speck)
2. Lights Out (Duval)
3. Only Love (Duval)
4. Don't Fall Asleep (Speck)
5. Ashes (Duval)
6. Sweet Beyond (Speck & Dutkiewicz & Duval)
7. Skinny (Duval & Speck)
8. Secret Meadow (Speck & Robins)
9. Greeneye Blueeye (Duval)
10. Kiss Me In Public (Speck)
11. Misty Rain (Duval)
12. Goodbye (Duval)

All Duval Speck songs are copyright 1998 Surreymoon Music (BMI).

Cover Songs - For Demo Purposes Only

Sampler of cover songs as a single mp3: click here

Full-length versions of cover songs as separate mp3s: click here for all tracks or click below for individual tracks

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