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Duval Speck have been writing and performing together since 1993, playing their own jazzy/soul/folk-rock originals as well as classic cover songs that cross the musical spectrum from blues to Broadway, pop favorites to jazz standards, Motown to Steely Dan, Patsy Cline to The Beatles. With award-winning lyricist Linda Duval on guitar/piano and vocals, and Cathy Speck's exceptional and dynamic voice, they write original songs that span the breadth of everyday life with poetic and powerful lyrics and refined vocal harmonies, all with an engaging and humorous stage presence thrown in. Duval Speck are the producers of the "Women's Music Nite" series that features women artists from around the country, and have released one critically-acclaimed CD, "Greeneye Blueeye" (Surreymoon Music, BMI), a collection of 12 of their original songs.

A sampling of past performances and invitations include:
  • The Palms, Davis
  • Borders Books & Music
  • Oprah Winfrey's "Oxygen Tank Tour"
  • San Francisco Grizzly Bay Brewery & Restaurant, Suisun City
  • ROCKERGRRL Music Conference, Seattle, WA
  • The Winters Opera House
  • Luna's Café, Sacramento
  • The Whole Earth Festival
  • Café Roma, Davis
  • The Chancellor's Awards Committee Univ. of Calif, Davis
  • California State Capitol Rally
  • Fridays After Five
  • Yolo County Fair
  • East Bay Pride, Oakland
  • Coffee Tavern, Long Beach
  • The Swing Café, West Hollywood
  • Picnic Day, University of California, Davis

What people have said about Duval Speck

"... a unique blend of musical magic...the regional favorites are known for memorable original songs that span a wide range of diverse territory (and) for their humorous stage presence and innovative musicianship... with daring, refined, sophisticated vocal harmonies and the sound of an exquisite, unique guitar style...Duval Speck, well known to local audiences, has been regarded as Davis' most enjoyable folk duo for years ... Listening to them perform, it doesn't take long to appreciate that the depth of their music, and the scope of their lyrics, range far beyond traditional folk-fodder." The Davis Enterprise

"We love your CD! We played the whole thing..." Frank Moore, Radio Luver.com

"Partners, songwriters, composers, performers, and production team, Linda Duval (rhymes with gal) and Cathy Speck are immersed in a broad range of musical abilities and interests...." Outword Newsmagazine

"What could possibly be better that a vocal harmonist who can stretch the musical horizons of folk, rock, blues, and Broadway? How about two vocal harmonists? Linda Duval and Cathy Speck are the irresistible sounds of Duval Speck, a duo that specializes in nearly everything...and then some." Weekend Newsmagazine

"Friggin' amazing!" recording artist Jamie Anderson

"...the disc is solid to the core and the listening experience is equally enjoyable...might benefit from a raunchier guitar (but) the pair can worry about such things when the bad ol' label execs are banging down their doors."

Weekend Newsmagazine

"Duval Speck focus on the many aspects of Life - and that's Life with a capital L...Duval Speck's vocal harmonies are joyously tight and each singer has a strong and distinct voice. Their original songs cross the spectrum from folk/rock to jazzy rhythm & blues... Duval Speck is popular and well-known in the region..." Margaret S. Burns

"The self-produced album offers tasteful, simple production showcasing the duo's core sound of harmonies over acoustic guitar...a recording with which the artists, and their fans, should be pleased." Valley Music News

"..the intriguing lyrics and strong technique in scoring made the number one which could be enjoyed over and over again - a worthy candidate for a recorded single" The Daily Democrat

"It would be a 'travesty of justice' and a 'crying shame' if you even thought of missing ....Duval Speck in concert..." Winters Express

"....an instant add-on to my collection...produced by Linda Duval, the arrangements and production quality were well done on this album. Duval Speck's lyrical content is both light-hearted and whimsical, yet making the listener feel venerable from the emotional content." Rant Magazine

"Their live performances are certainly a treat, and any music fan on your gift list will appreciate this CD." MGW

"...Linda Duval and Cathy Speck have won a local following with their combination of emotional frankness and heartfelt harmonies..." Sacramento News & Review

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